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RazorSQL v7.3.0 MAC OSX

Today, 12:13, views: 2


RazorSQL v7.3.0 MAC OSX | 61.47 MB

RazorSQL is able to connect to over 30 different types of databases and allows you to browse their content, perform SQL queries, or conduct various management functions. You can use RazorSQL to import or export data to and from your database, compare data across databases, and more.

Categories: Software / MacOSX


ProPresenter v6.2.2 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 18:43, views: 9


ProPresenter v6.2.2 MAC OSX | 61.10 MB

Powerful presentation system that offers you the possibility to add lyrics and captions to your slides in order to produce high quality live productions.Being able to add lyrics and captions to your presentations slides in real time has the potential to improve the quality of your live productions. ProPresenter offers you the possibility to make adjustments in real time and display the visuals on one or more screens immediately.

Categories: Software / MacOSX


PhpStorm v2017.1.4 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 18:33, views: 4


PhpStorm v2017.1.4 MAC OSX | 242.41 MB

A PHP, HTML and javascript editor with reliable code analysis, automatic refactoring for PHP and javascript code, and error prevention. PhpStorm is a versatile and cross-platform PHP IDE that comes with a state of the art editor for PHP, HTML and javascript, as well as a wide assortment of inbuilt tools and features designed to make PHP development a walk in the park.

Categories: Software / MacOSX


MailTags v5.0.5 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 17:46, views: 5


MailTags v5.0.5 MAC OSX | 7.14 MB

An unobtrusive yet very powerful Apple Mail plug-in that enables you to effortlessly attach tags, keywords, due dates, and priority levels to your messages

Categories: Software / MacOSX


ExpanDrive v5.5.1 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 17:18, views: 7


ExpanDrive v5.5.1 MAC OSX | 24.44 MB

macOS application that offers you the possibility to manage and access multiple remote storage locations via a minimalist user interface. Cloud storage services have become very popular because they provide remote access to different files and folders, in an intuitive and streamlined manner. ExpanDrive pushes things even further by allowing you to connect to multiple remote storage locations via an user friendly interface.

Categories: Software / MacOSX


DayLite v6.2 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 16:40, views: 6


DayLite v6.2 MAC OSX | 111.03 MB

Streamlined and user-friendly macOS task tracking and managing utility that keeps you in control of your schedule and appointments

Categories: Software / MacOSX


Cocktail v10.3.5 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 16:30, views: 7


Cocktail v10.3.5 MAC OSX | 2.8 MB

OS X toolset that serves up a perfect mix of maintenance tools and tweaks, all accessible through a clean and easy to use interface

Categories: Software / MacOSX


CLion v2017.1.3 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 16:21, views: 5


CLion v2017.1.3 MAC OSX | 265.68 MB

A streamlined development environment that integrates a smart code editor, helps you analyze your projects on-the-fly, and offers CMake support.

Categories: Software / MacOSX


Big Business v10.16 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 16:12, views: 6


Big Business v10.16 MAC OSX | 207.03 MB

Provides a complete and multi-platform solution for managing various details related to your business, customers, inventory and more

Categories: Software / MacOSX


BBEdit v11.6.7 MAC OSX

26-06-2017, 16:02, views: 10


BBEdit v11.6.7 MAC OSX | 13.91 MB

A comprehensive and flexible text and HTML editor that includes high-end editing, searching, and manipulation tools for any type of text. BBEdit is a feature-packed and state-of-the-art HTML and text processing macOS application designed to help you manipulate text in many other different ways than to your usual word processor.

Categories: Software / MacOSX

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